Kaley Cuoco named Eco-Celeb of the Week

There is often a world of difference between what we see on the giant silver screen (or the small idiot box for that matter) and real life. Yes it is about celebs who are blonde bombshells in the make believe world but display a very humane side in real life. Take the case of Kaley Cuoco. An actress par excellence, she has starred in the famous CBS hit “The Big Bang Theory” as a much admired dumb blonde who prefers boyfriends over books. But is that the real side of Kaley Cuoco who was named Eco-Celeb of the Week in 2013? No, in fact far from it!

Few know that she is an avid animal lover and an animal activist with special emphasis on pit bulls. Now this breed of dogs is not the general conventional type, in fact they are perceived to be quite dangerous. But Kaley has almost single handed taken upon her the responsibility to demolish this myth. In November 2012, she starred in a promotional video “I Love My Pit Bull” that was organised by Angel City Pit Bulls. It has an interaction with pit bull owners and shows why they love their pooches so much and why this breed is in fact absolutely harmless.

Even though Kaley Cuoco has espoused a cause far removed from her make-believe careerist world, this is not a new phenomenon. Celebrities have been known to take up issues close to their heart quite vigorously. Some of these include fight against activities that result in global warming, anti-deforestation drives, use of eco friendly cleaning solutions to prevent ground water contamination and helping create a general awareness to save endangered species from going extinct. This is one side of celebrities that most are not aware of.