Beautiful Kaley

Kaley Cuoco, A Natural Beauty

Ever since Kaley Cuoco famously hacked her lengthy tresses into an edgy crop in 2014, she has been watched for more bold and fashionable moves.

Just a few weeks ago, signs were seen that she was ready for another change. Heading to a hair salon on Thursday, it was obvious she had something on her mind. Maybe her next look, one can only wonder?

The 30-year-old Big Bang Theory star was keeping things under wraps with a low-key look in a hoodie and no makeup. The lack of makeup did not detract from her overall glamour although it was a different image then she presented at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

Still the lack of makeup, allowed her natural beauty to shine through. In simple slip-on shoes, black leggings and a hoodie, she could have passed for any other woman on the street. Her flawless completion is something that many other women only dream of however and was possibly down to her long-held beauty treatments.

In an effort to appear like Kaley Cuoco and other famous women, many average Australian women are visiting salons stocked with equipment like the ones Stephen Blignaut supplies. With a range of treatments available, looking flawless without makeup is not just for natural beauties like Kaley.

Her classic good looks and flawless skin do make the transition from everyday glamour to red carpet style easier. Her current low-key look would appear worlds away from the glitz of Sunday’s Golden Globes without her down to earth attitude and looks.

At an after-party for the red-carpet event, Kaley wore a devastating red gown with plunging neckline. Her hair was still in the shorter crop, but dolled up for the night in large curls, reminiscent of the beach look that’s coming back into vogue.

With how well they kept the last surprise look, it is no suppose that we might be ni for a long wait in suspense for the new look. In the meantime, Kaley looks as fabulous as always.