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Kaley Cuoco’s Cosmetic Surgery – All You Need to Know About It

While there are no proper statistics on the number of the surgical or non-surgical procedures carried out across the globe, it is clear from the limited statistics available that the number of cosmetic procedures has grown considerably in recent years. The majority of people undergoing cosmetic surgeries are women. Despite these figures, there’s still a social stigma about getting cosmetic surgery, fillers and injectables.

Incidences of cosmetic surgeries are above average in Hollywood, where stars, especially women are the main benefactors. Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory star has admitted having gone through several surgeries and she does not care about what people think because she’s confident about her decision. Cuoco has undergone a few cosmetic surgery procedures, and she does not regret them. The actress had undergone a nose surgery a few years ago and later she got her breasts done, which she says was the best thing she ever did. She also revealed that recently she had undergone a filler treatment for a line in the neck which was there since she was 12. The star made it clear that the decision to undergo the procedure was hers alone.

Kaley Cuoco says that “as much as you want to love your inner self…I am, sorry, you also want to look good”. She also said that cosmetic surgery should be done for oneself and not for a man or anyone else. It should make you feel confident. However, there is no cosmetic surgery needed when it comes to Kaley’s fit physique. Her toned abs is a result of intense exercise and yoga. Cuoco wants to look good for herself so that she can feel good about herself, and has been spreading this message to other people who are considering cosmetic surgery.

According to experts, it is great for a celebrity to shatter the stigma against cosmetic surgery because it sets a positive example. Often people are self-conscious about their looks, or a body part, or an area which they are not happy about and it affects or limits them. Surgery can restore the confidence of such people and make them happy. The experts also say that if the procedure is going to help the person feel better about themselves, then they should go for it. After all, most women do not hesitate to undergo regular spa appointments, pedicures, IPL hair removal treatments, manicures and facial treatments to help improve their self-esteem. Women also go on looking for in-house IPL hair removal machine for sale so that they can undergo hair removal at home.

Cosmetic procedure is nothing to be ashamed of and admitting to it is personal, no one is under obligation to disclose the facts until she/he is ready. Cosmetic surgery can be a positive and healthy thing for many people. In the end, if it makes you happy and confident, then it can’t be a bad thing.