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What to Learn from Kaley Cuoco Divorce Case

Kaley Cuoco, 30 and Ryan Sweeting, 28 mutually decided to split in September 2016 after almost 21 months of marriage. Since the split Kaley Cuoco  has been spending her time hanging out with friends and even adopting a new horse, but many are still confused as to why the former lovebirds, who never shied off from showing their affection for each other on social media, decided to pull apart less than two years after tying the knot.

The divorce petition signed by Big Bang Theory star says that the reason for their split is ‘irreconcilable differences’. It was later revealed that Kaley Cuoco had a prenuptial agreement drawn up before she married Ryan Sweeting, a former tennis player.

Kaley Cuoco shocked everyone when she got married to Ryan Sweeting after knowing him for 6 months only. When she decided to marry him, her friends, family and the media knew that she was making a big mistake and that their whirlwind romance was only going to end in disaster. But, Kaley was enamoured with the unemployed former tennis player and turned a blind eye to all the warning signs.

Kaley Cuoco was the bread winner in the relationship because her husband was unemployed, she also had a demanding work schedule and they barely knew each other when they decided to marry. According to reports,  Kaley says that she doesn’t really know anything about her husband. Ryan Sweeting was also not home most of the time and Kaley had no idea what he does during those hours but she thinks that he might be cheating on her.

Money was the major issue of their strained relationship and Kaley gave her husband an allowance. Kaley Cuoco had been paying the bills for everything, even the bills of credit card Ryan used. On the other hand, Ryan’s friends teased him by saying that it is like a tracking device so she can keep tabs on where he has been. There were certain things that Kaley would not let Ryan spend her hard earned money on. Seeing as how Kaley tracks his spending and where he goes every month, Ryan felt like he had lost his freedom. Ryan was battling an injury and reportedly began abusing the painkillers he was given and alcohol.

But all thanks to the prenuptial agreement which they both signed before getting married, the blonde beauty will keep her $72 million Big Bang Theory fortune. Kaley had signed an agreement to star in 72 episodes of the hit show at a salary of $1 million per episode. Kaley Cuoco will also keep their Mediterranean home in Tarzana, California and the Santa Barbara beach house. Ryan will not receive spousal support from Kaley, but she will pay him $165,000 and will also pay his attorney fees of $55,000. It is also noted that Ryan will keep some cash and their outstanding gift certificates.

What we get to learn from Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting divorce case is that falling in love is not in your hands but making life easy is. A prenuptial agreement signed between them made the divorce a lot smoother as they knew who will get to keep what. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between you and your spouse which discloses all the money and property you own before getting married. A property lawyer in Melbourne will help you out to set the rights and responsibilities, including how the property and money will be divided in the event of divorce.