Inside Facts

Nature Lover Kaley

Celebrities are often aware of their influence on the general public and take care to only support the causes they feel passionate about. One of the common causes is a constant awareness of the environment, our impact on it and a responsibility to the lives who live on this planet. For many celebrities, this takes the form of a conversion to veganism or similar lifestyle choices.

One celebrity who is passionate about her vegan diet, it Kaley Cuoco – the blond actress renown for her character ‘Penny’ in the ‘Big Bang Theory’. With a deep passion for animals and a strong awareness of her responsibility to the environment, Kaley touts her transition from a typical American diet to a vegan one, an obvious decision.

While many people in the general public are increasing become aware of the ease of becoming a vegan, it is still a step too soon for many average people. For medical or simple practical reasons, veganism might not be the right choice for many people. However, this does not change our responsibility to the environment and the animals who live on the earth. From using organic clothing to eco-friendly cleaning items or naturally grown food, there are many ways to help in a small way. While it might not seem a very large action or one that has a direct impact, when enough people turn away from the more harmful practices, it sends a message directly to the bigger companies.

One aspect that is frequently forgotten by individuals recommending alternative actions is the steps and actions we take on the property we own. For many city people, this can be as simple as their town block, the front or back yards and any vegetation in this area. From using organic pesticides to treating your trees with respect, they are all actions that add up over the lifetime of the property.

Across any property, the most important item would have to any trees that are growing or within your boundary lines. A tree takes on average 10 years to mature, helping the atmosphere re-oxygenate and maintaining a quality soil. The benefit of a tree is so special it does not stop even when dead. Many species of dead trees are harmless to neighbouring property and people and are extremely vital to the ecosystem. Many animals, some of them endangered and critically vital to our native land, use dead tree trunks and branches for their lifecycles.

In the Australian countryside, it is actually illegal to cut down a dead tree, provide it will not damage any surrounding lives or property. One of the rarest species of black parrot only lives in dead tree trunks, and with every nest vital to the survival of the species, refraining from removing trees in Melbourne – dead or otherwise – can make the world of difference to that species.

So, after you have had a professional arborist conduct a hazardous tree report, instead of cutting it down, consider alternative uses for the tree. Maybe your small decision will be the tipping point for a rare species. There is probably no greater act of saving the world, in the spirit of Kaley Cuoco’s beliefs, that we could do.